cboot source for TX1

I am looking for cboot source code for TX1.
L4T includes cboot source only for TX2.

Here is TX1 devkit booting with cboot flashed by standard tegraflash:

[0001.986] welcome to cboot
[0001.990] Cboot Version: 00.00.2014.50-t210-b380f72f
[0001.995] calling constructors
[0001.998] initializing heap
[0002.001] initializing threads
[0002.004] initializing timers
[0002.007] creating bootstrap completion thread
[0002.011] top of bootstrap2()
[0002.014] CPU: ARM Cortex A57
[0002.017] CPU: MIDR: 0x411FD071, MPIDR: 0x80000000
[0002.021] initializing platform
[0002.029] cboot:secure-pmc present
[0002.065] config for ddr50 mode completed
[0002.069] sdmmc bdev is already initialized

I need source code for this cboot.


Unfortunately, currently there is no release for TX1. What function do you need to change in cboot?

A/B SW update for TX1. The same functionality as in r32 for TX2, with update engine.

The NVidia documentation says TX1 cboot source is provided to OEMs.