CDC-ACM Driver for Jetson Nano error

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on Jetson Nano and OpenCR Embedded board from ROBOTIS which supported ROS (rosserial, ACM driver) perfectly.
Yesterday, I broke the ACM driver so I could not use /dev/ttyACM* port. I tried to re-install ACM driver which for Jetson TX1, TX2 but seems like I got miss match Kernel version (4.9.140-tegra on my Nano). So I think my problem is about ACM driver.

I’ve tried use ‘cdc-acm.ko’ class from Jetson AGX Xavier (4.9.120-tegra) but it can’t fix my problem.
So I hope you guys could give me a hand. Any help are much appreciated!

Thank you guys very much and have a nice day!

Are you able to rebuild/re-flash kernel? We have Kernel Customization section in development guide. You may take a look.