Certain tests passing but others don't?

Hi all,
I have an 8800 gtx and am running my display from a nvidia mx4000 PCI card. Ive ran some of the provided samples. Certain tests such as bitonic pass for short operations (less than NUM =512 ), but others, like the matrix_mul, and scan large array, fail. Ive read that a few other people are having this problem when running computation longer than 5 sec, even when using 2 video cards. Is there any way to remedy this problem? I have tried what others suggested in other threads.

I should note that we only see 1 screen in the WinXP Display settings. The 8800 shows up in Device Manager, but to successfully load WinXP, we must disable the 8800 in safe mode, enter Windows, then reenable the 8800. When we try to change driver settings (right click desktop -> Nvidia), the system reboots. Also, in Display settings -> Advanced, we have a tab that says Nvidia unknown device, and when we click that tab, the system crashes.

It sounds like there is something wrong with your driver installation. Go into the hardware manager in the system control panel, and uninstall the primary display adapter.

Then reboot.

Then reinstall the display driver, and reboot again. You should use the 97.73 driver that is provided on http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda


Mark, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, we have been through many driver reinstallations (of the CUDA driver available on the developer site). In order to boot into Windows after installing the driver, we must go into safe mode and disable the GTX. Then go back into Windows and reenable it to run any computations on it. We have reinstalled Windows multiple times. Do you think it might be a hardware incompatibility? We are using an ASUS motherboard.

Can you verify whether you can boot using the release NVIDIA driver from http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp?

If so, then I would think there is some sort of problem with the 97.73 driver with your setup.