Changing device tree without full flash

Hey i am using a Jetson NX Xavier with JetPack 5.0.2 .
I want to replace the default device tree with one i updated.
I noticed replacing the necessary files and modifying the extlinux.conf isn’t enough as i can boot with my updated device tree but only if i choose it manually during boot.

How can i do it the right way and boot with the updated device tree without having to manually choose it every time?

Some releases require your new boot entry in extlinux.conf to be the first entry (that’s a bug). Note that each entry has a “LABEL”, and that each LABEL must be unique. The “DEFAULT” key/value pair at the top of the extlinux.conf file names the entry which boots by default.

Suppose you have a “LABEL custom”. Then you’d use this near the top of extlinux.conf:
DEFAULT custom

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