How to change device tree and flash jetson

So i need to change device tree and to make some changes in BTC and i follow the steps:

  1. Download Linux_for_Tegra, kernel source and sample rootfs from this link
  2. I extracted rootfs to Linux_for_tegra/rootfs
  3. Make chnges in one of the .dtsi
  4. ./ -o $HOME/Desktop/kernel_out/ and copy *.dtb *.dtbo and Image to Linux_for_Tegra dir
  5. sudo ./
  6. sudo ./ jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1

When the flashing process done, jetson starts with defoult device tree without any of changes.

So what am i doing wrong?

hello Ivanastry,

please check developer guide, you may refer to CBoot session.
it’s Cboot functionality of [Kernel Boot Sequence Using extlinux.conf],
you may modify extlinux.conf to add FDT entry for loading kernel-dtb binary file from file system.

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