Changing or disabling watchdog in Windows XP How does one change or delay the watchdog in Windows XP

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has successfully disabled or delayed the watchdog timer on Windows XP, service pack 3. I’ve searched through all NVidia forums for “watchdog”, and the best steps I could find were given at:

Unfortunately, these instructions didn’t work for me.

** If anyone can post the exact steps that will either delay or disable the Win XP watchdog timer so we can run kernels longer than 5 seconds, I would greatly appreciate it. **

NOTE: I realize Microsoft doesn’t want us to do this because it freezes up the display and could cause instability, but this is for an internal application. Our field engineers use Dell mobile workstations running WinXP, SP3, so:

(1) We can’t use Linux.
(2) We can’t install a non-primary display GPU (there’s only one on a laptop).
(3) We can’t use Win Vista or Win 7 (at least for a few months until our IT dept is ready to move the entire company).
(4) The nature of the algorithms we’re using makes breaking it up into multiple kernels difficult and inefficient, so that’s not really an option for us.

** So if anyone has successfully delayed or disabled the watchdog timer on WinXP, sp3 or higher, please post the steps, or email me directly if you’re worried about making it public. **