Char* string parameters in nvmsgbroker.h should be declared const

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All char* string parameters are missing const keyword.
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For those of us using C++, the current function definitions in nvmsgbroker.h force us to cast away the const qualification from all std::string input parameters.

For example

NvMsgBrokerClientHandle   nv_msgbroker_connect(char *broker_conn_str, char *broker_proto_lib, nv_msgbroker_connect_cb_t connect_cb, char *cfg);

ends up getting called as

m_connectionHandle = nv_msgbroker_connect(

It works… but it’s an ugly workaround.

I’ve used most of your APIs at this point, and I believe this is the only client file that has this const char* omission.

Thanks for your advice!

Looking at your protocol-adapter tests and plugin documentation… seeing all of the dependencies on the current prototype definitions, I’m sure it’s not worth changing at this point.

But, thanks for getting back.

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