Clara AGX Could not detect a board

Unable to recognize Clara Agx ?Clara AGX Show: Could not detect a board
Why can’t the device connect to the sdk manager
Unable to flash, the system can still enter
I have also tried recovery mode and may not have operated correctly
Do you have a tutorial on initializing devices

Hi there, can you confirm that this is a Clara AGX developer kit you’re flashing? The steps under “Follow these steps to reset the Clara AGX Developer Kit” should put the unit into recovery mode for Manual Setup in SDKM. holoscan-docs/devkits/clara-agx/ at main · nvidia-holoscan/holoscan-docs · GitHub

Hi ,
Perhaps some configurations have been deleted,
and the icon on the hard drive seems different from before.
It may be due to a mistake when using disks.
I want to reinstall the system. Is there any way?

Hi there, yes you can reflash your system by following the same user guide holoscan-docs/devkits/clara-agx/ at main · nvidia-holoscan/holoscan-docs · GitHub

I have already read the document. My problem is that the physical machine cannot recognize Clara AGX, but it can recognize the core board Jetson AGX Xavier. My device is clearly Clara AGX. Previously, it could be identified as Clara AGX

Oh I see, it’s likely that this may be from the developer account signed-in to SDK Manager not being registered in the Holoscan developer program. Could you confirm you have done step 1?

  1. Register and activate an NVIDIA Developer Account here to access the latest version of Holopack in SDK Manager.

ok, I try

Thank you, I succeeded