Clara Holoscan or AGX hardware Spec

Hi, is it possible to get more hardware information about either Holoscan or AGX? We need see how well it could be integrated into our system.

Hello, which hardware specs are you interested in specifically? If you haven’t already, take a look at the devkit user guide with hardware info here for the Clara AGX Developer Kit:

Hi thanks for your reply. do you have more detailed hardware specification, if we want to further investigate, how we could connect our ‘customer card’, how we could modify the ID to match our requirement?

Hello, what IO does your card have? If it is PCIe, there are PCIe slots on the devkit, as specified in the user guide linked above. For other IO, this page may be helpful NVIDIA Clara AGX Developer Kit for AI-Enabled Medical Devices. If you could tell us more about which card you have in mind and what requirements for connection there are, that can be helpful too.

Hi, ‘customer card’ means our own PCBs. We want to see if we could integrate Clara into our product with different customized interface to support our own devices. Also we will probably remove many of the physical connectors to meet our requirement for a better ID design.
I am not clear, if this developer kit is only development or ? If we want to move forward with Clara architecture and make our own product, how should we proceed?

Hello, to answer the question whether this developer kit is only for development: yes, it is only meant for the development phase. Since you’re interested in exploring whether you can integrate the Clara hardware design into your own product, that would be another step on top of developing using the developer kit, which is going into production with our production hardware. Would you like to have a call so we can see how we can help in your efforts?

Hi, I’m Yaniv Lazimy, the Technical Product Manager for Medical Devices. I would like to discuss your application with you. Can you please respond with your name, company affiliation, and email?


Please send your contact info to