Can I install Clara Holoscan SDK on the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit?

According to Install Clara Holoscan Software :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation , for the Clara Holoscan SDK, Jetson AGX Xavier modules and the Clara AGX Developer Kit are the only hardware supported.
And according to the introduction of [Advanced Computation for AI-Powered Medical Devices | NVIDIA ] the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan developer kit is built with a NVIDIA AGX Orin™ module.
So, is it possible to install Clara Holoscan SDK on the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit? I hope to use the existing hardware to play with the Clara holoscan SDK.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there, at the moment, the Clara Holoscan SDK is compatible with Clara AGX Developer Kit, NVIDIA IGX Orin Developer Kit and x86 workstations, and it is not tested on Jetson AGX Xavier. Build AI for Medical Devices | NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK
We’d love to learn about which aspects in the Clara Holoscan SDK are interesting to you and the applications (if any) you have in mind.

How i do setup on x86 workstations.

The process for setting up on x86 workstations should be similar to setting up on the devkits. Clara Holoscan Sample Applications | NVIDIA NGC and the README from GitHub - NVIDIA/clara-holoscan-embedded-sdk: AI computing SDK for medical devices with low latency streaming workflows still apply.

I have Jetson AGX Xavier SDK and of Nvidia Titan RTX GPU, Can i able to do setup on these configurations.

Assembling a Jetson AGX Xavier module and a discrete GPU outside of the configuration of a Clara devkit is not currently tested with the Clara Holoscan SDK. But you could still try out the SDK on a x86 workstation.