Is it still possible to download Clara Holoscan SDK v0.1.0

I’m trying to use the gstreamer element nvvideotestsrc but i can’t seem to find it. I want to use it to understand how to add RDMA support to my gstreamer plug in.

I saw the in the Clara Holoscan SDK v0.1.0 :
“The nvvideotestsrc plugin. The source code for this plugin provides some basic placeholders and documentation that help point developers in the right direction when wanting to add RDMA support to a GStreamer source plugin. Specifically, the gst_nv_video_test_src_fill method – which is the GStreamer callback responsible for filling the GPU buffers – contains the following.”

Thank you for the help

Hello, even though we strongly recommend users to move to v0.2, if you really want to install Holoscan SDK v0.1, you still can. First, flash your devkit with Jetpack 4.5 and select “Clara Holoscan” in Additional SDKs.

The rest of the setup steps are similar to the ones in devkit user guide. The v0.1 SDK documentation is here Table of Contents — Clara Holoscan SDK 0.1 documentation. According to the documentation:

The source code for the GPU Video Test Source plugin is installed to the following path.


The problem is that I don’t have the option to select Clara Holoscan like you are showing in your picture, I can only install DeepStream. I also don’t have Rivermax option

My account permission in Membership Information says :

  • NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK Program.
  • Technology Access group
  • NVIDIA Developer Program

It sounds like it might be that the Target Operating System is selected as “JetPack 5.0 -HP” in this case. We need to select the older verison “Jetpack 4.5.1” in order for Additional SDKs to show Rivermax and Clara Holoscan as options.

It seems like I can’t select an older Operating System to install.

My target hardware is the Clara Holoscan and my host computer is running ubuntu 20.04

It says “JetPack 4.5.1 (rev. 1) Not available for clara Holoscan Developer Kit modules” when I select Clara Holoscan developer Kit modules as my target Hardware

I see it says available on ubuntu 1604 and ubuntu 1804 for JetPack 4.5.1 (rev. 1) when i select Clara AGX Developer Kit modules as target Hardware. Do i really need to install ubuntu 1804 on my host machine to be able to flash my clara Holoscan with JepPack 4.5.1?

My goal here is to enable RDMA into dGPU memory from my GStreamer plugin created especially for my frame grabber connected into the PCIe slots.

Thank you

Hi there. Just to make sure, do you have a Clara AGX Developer Kit? It is not the same hardware as Clara Holoscan developer kit.
If you don’t have a ubuntu 18.04 machine around which is very understandable, perhaps you could try a VM as host, for example VMWare workstation. (We have not had success using VirtualBox in the past). Sorry for the inconvenience and we are planning on improvements with the setup process.


I do have the Clara AGX Developer Kit.

I’ll try to install it with a virtual machine with VMWare workstation.

Thank you

hi jinl,

I installed ubuntu18.04 on a computer and downloaded the sdkmanager, but I encounter an error while trying to log in. It says “Failed to get client token”, I made sure to log out from my other computer before logging in with the one running ubuntu18.04, but still can’t log in.

Can you help me with that?

Could it be possible that your issue is similar to this one I cannot log in SDK MANAGER ? Have you seen the documentation on proxy settings? SDK Manager Settings :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

Also if you don’t mind sharing, what are the main reason you are staying within the gstreamer framework and your concerns with moving away from gstreamer. Happy to chat 1-1 as well over email!

Hi jinl,

It was in fact a proxy problem, thank you!

Yes we can chat, email me at

Thank you