I don't have the settings of Additional SDKs on the first step SDKmanager

I don’t have the settings of Additional SDKs on the first step SDKmanager to install the Clara Holoscan (Deepstream and Rivermax) as shown in the youtube set up tutorial Clara AGX Developer Kit Unboxing and Setup - YouTube.

What should I do to get access?

Thank you

Hello, for now, please apply to the developer program and log into SDK Manager with the same account that you used to apply. Then the Clara Holoscan SDK option should show up. Please see the Download section on our https://developer.nvidia.com/clara-holoscan-sdk page for applying to the developer program.

Hello, I did log in with my account used to apply but the Clara Holoscan SDk option doesn’t show up. What else can i do?

Thank you!

Could you attach a screenshot here?

Hello , yess here is the screen shot

As you can see, i don’t have the clara holoscan and rivermax option at the bottom even though i have the membership NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK program

Thank you

Hello, with the latest release of Jetpack 5.0 - HP, please note that Rivermax for Clara Holoscan is no longer part of the SDK Manager installation, and you can follow the latest devkit user guide on installing the Clara Holoscan SDK via GitHub.

can i install the Clara Holoscan SDK directly on the holoscan from github or do i still need a host machine?

We would install Clara Holoscan SDK directly from GitHub without any host machine.