Clevo laptop screen brightness can't control unless use 390.xx driver

Hardware: Clevo P751TM1 ( which is using the same motherboard as p775tm1, but it has a 15 inch screen ), CPU: i5-8400, GPU: GTX 1070 laptop
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.6 with default kernel 5.15.0-100
BIOS & EC: bios 1.07.29, ec 1.07.16. It is already the latest version and will not be updated again :(

when I use 390.xx driver, brightness control is pretty good. but any other updated versions of drivers are unable to control screen brightness. In ubuntu 20.04 Additional Drivers, I tried 390.xx 470.xx 525.xx 535.xx.

I thought the newer kernel might solve the problem, so last month, I tried reinstalling the system to ubuntu 22.04.3, it’s default kernel is 6.x ( I can’t remember exactly what it is ), and I can also try installing the 545.xx driver in the additional driver. installed 545.29.06 driver, which claimed to solve the screen brightness issue, but the issue still not been resolved.

and in ubuntu 22.04, I can’t install 390.xx, it always fails. for my eyes, I back to 20.04.

for each attempt mentioned above, I all tested different kernel parameters:
it all failed.

Interestingly,in 390.xx, I also tested above kernel parameters, but it always succeeds, even with acpi_backlight=none.

390.157-with-no-param-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (221.6 KB)
535.161-with-no-param-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (736.4 KB) (201.7 KB)

I think my situation is same as this, but it closed with no workaround, so i have to open a new topic.

390.157-with-none-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (216.8 KB)
390.157-with-native-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (216.4 KB)
390.157-with-vendor-nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (233.6 KB) (201.7 KB)

this is in 390.157 driver I test kernel parameters files, all parameter can control backlight level in 390.157
Hope it can be helpful

Is there anyone can help me?
In ArchWiki here says I’m facing an incompatibility between my BIOS and kernel driver, but there is no incompatibility in 390.xx for me and in 460.xx for others in some posts.

Is it possible to add a new kernel parameters such as “nvidia.BLCMethod=0, 1, 2…” to fully retain the previously available brightness control implementations from version 390.xx or 460.xx or other version?