Cloud gaming - technical stats

Hi there,
I am a student at the HTW Berlin and have started to write a master thesis about cloud gaming. In the course of this work I will of course use/test nvidia service, but this request is rather for some technical questions I still have on the subject of cloud gaming and hope that you can help me or even just know where else I can get this information.

So … Basically I would like to know the following things:

  • At which layer in the network or which layer are the image data of games tapped / how does this work different from remoute control ? and is this then hooking on the DirectX layer?
  • is there like an open-source scheme for the network architecture or is it all “secret” ?

i know its maybe not the right place to put these questions but the nvidia support told me to ask here


Hello @r.sitz and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I guess you are aware already of the dedicated GeForce NOW forums and the FAQ?

It does of course not answer everything, but might give you some insight.

In terms of the exact architecture this is NVIDIA proprietary technology, so I can’t give you deep, detailed insights.

But I will try to find some information we have published in the past on the topic.