CloudXR Server APP Don't Import CloudXRServerOptions.txt file

Dear CloudXR team
I try to install CloudXR in my PC and try to enable audio receive feature in server side but fail.
I check the log and find receive audio feature is disable event I add -ra in CloudXRServerOptions.txt.
it looks like the CloudXR service don’t import the CloudXRServiceOptions.txt to change its setting.
attach file it the log and screen capture which in my PC.
can you help to check this problem?

CloudXR Server - SteamVR Log 2022-05-24 10.45.34.txt (2.1 KB)

On the CloudXR server side Windows settings, can you confirm that the Microphone is not disabled in “Control Panel” → “Privacy”
Then on the lower left panel, select “Microphone”

Please enable these settings:
Allow access to the microphone on this device
Allow apps to access your microphone

That should enable CloudXR server to receive audio from your device.


Hi Jeremy
Yes, I check the privacy of Microphone, all are enable for all device, but this issue still exist,
BTW, in my another PC the audio is work and I can see below message in the log, so I doubt maybe the issue PC can’t open the CloudXRServerOptions.txt to read parameters, do you have any idea?

work log:
[13:05:10.450] Read server options file at C:\Users\XRSPACE\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\CloudXR/CloudXRServerOptions.txt

Can’t similar log in fail log.
CloudXR Server - SteamVR Log 2022-05-20 13.05.10.txt (28.5 KB)

Did you also enable the audio flag on the client as well using -sa?

Also – I sometimes accidently double append the .txt in Windows files. Can you verify your file name is not CloudXRServerOptions.txt.txt?

YES, I set the -sa parameter in CloudXRServerOptions.txt which local in User/“Username”/AppData/Local/NVIDIA/CloudXR folder, but the txt file don’t be read, I have no idea about it.

Nomo Hsu

‘failing’ log should have a similar line, but would say something like:
WARNING: Failed to parse options file at {path}

Ensure that path is where you placed your file, and that the current user has access to that path (it should, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to write logs or anything).

Hi Sir
thanks for your support, I fixed this issue, in my PC, the default folder parameter is hide the file extension but I am not award, so the option file I create is CloudXRServerOptions.txt.txt, double extension cause cloud server can’t recognizing.

Thanks for letting us know it works.

Yes, the ability to hide file extensions has caused issues on the PC for decades!

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