cmake version in repository

the cmake version in the repository is 3.10 which has a bug in finding cuda 10, hence caffe can’t be compiled.
I have build cmake latest from source with no problem but its a lengthy, awkward process. would you please bump cmake version in the repository?

Hi Moshe, those packages come from the main Ubuntu repo, so we can’t change those versions ourselves. I’m able to find CUDA 10 with CMake version from the repo - can you post the error you’re getting?

Can you try compiling to see if that can find CUDA (it uses CMake too and should work on Nano). Thanks.

It is a specific function that fails, trying to locate cublas i think. you can read all about it including the exact error message here

using the newest cmake solved the problem.

I had the same issue, though all I had to do was add nvcc to path:

export PATH=/usr/local/cuda/bin:$PATH

to ~/.bashrc