Codec not supported - nvcuvid decoding on Tesla GPU within docker

I am trying to use DriveWorks 2.2 function dwSAL_createSensor for reading an .h264 video (recorded via DriveWorks) within a Docker container. The container has access to an V100-SXM2-32GB GPU.

Unfortunately, when the dwSAL_createSensor function is called, this error appears:

Driveworks exception thrown: DW_NOT_SUPPORTED: NVCUVIDDecode: Codec not supported on this GPU

As far as I know, Volta architecture should be able to run the CUVID decoder. Is there any way to find out why I get this error? The is available in the system

System details, as seen in the docker container:

NVIDIA-SMI 450.51.06
Driver Version: 450.51.06
CUDA Version: 11.0
V100-SXM2-32GB GPU
Driveworks 2.2

my bad, when using the library, downloaded directly from the download center , the decoding works.
I guess also the minor version should be the same. Such version was not available in ubuntu, so it had to be downloaded from the portal.