Not able to run containers under CUDA on WSL 2

I am able to run CUDA samples under WSL2 successfully. But running docker container gives error. I was following all the steps given at [CUDA on WSL :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation (]

From deb entries I could see nvidia-docker-runtime is from stable repo and only libnvidia-container is from experimental repo is that expected? Or both should be from experimental repo?

Windows insider build: (Windows 10 - 21376.1
Linux Kernal version: Linux version 5.4.72-microsoft-standard-WSL2
NVIDIA Driver Version: 470.14 ,
CUDA Version on WSL : 11.2.

$ sudo nvidia-container-cli -k -d /dev/tty info

– WARNING, the following logs are for debugging purposes only –

I0511 13:06:46.372112 19307 nvc.c:372] initializing library context (version=1.4.0, build=704a698b7a0ceec07a48e56c37365c741718c2df)
I0511 13:06:46.372174 19307 nvc.c:346] using root /
I0511 13:06:46.372266 19307 nvc.c:347] using ldcache /etc/
I0511 13:06:46.372284 19307 nvc.c:348] using unprivileged user 65534:65534
I0511 13:06:46.372310 19307 nvc.c:389] attempting to load dxcore to see if we are running under Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
I0511 13:06:46.407769 19307 dxcore.c:226] Creating a new WDDM Adapter for hAdapter:40000000 luid:f7a568
I0511 13:06:46.424907 19307 dxcore.c:267] Adding new adapter via dxcore hAdapter:40000000 luid:f7a568 wddm version:3000
I0511 13:06:46.424976 19307 dxcore.c:325] dxcore layer initialized successfully
W0511 13:06:46.425554 19307 nvc.c:397] skipping kernel modules load on WSL
I0511 13:06:46.425753 19308 driver.c:101] starting driver service
E0511 13:06:46.438484 19308 driver.c:168] could not start driver service: load library failed: /usr/lib/wsl/drivers/nvmdi.inf_amd64_c883b852a1685351/ undefined symbol: devicesetgpcclkvfoffset
I0511 13:06:46.438646 19307 driver.c:203] driver service terminated successfully
nvidia-container-cli: initialization error: driver error: failed to process request

devicesetgpcclkvfoffset symbol seems to be missing, is it missing on latest versions of NVIDIA drivers?

What else could be a problem?