Codeworks for Android Supporting latest SDK version (29 and up)

I was just wondering if Codeworks will get support for Android SDK 29 so that applications made through Nvidia Tegra VSE could be compliant with Google Play standards?

I am working on utilizing Codeworks with the CryEngine software since it was supported before, but right now Codeworks only supports a SDK version that isn’t compliant with Google Play.

Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just guiding me to add the latest SDK version to Codeworks myself.


Also wondering. Google Play is outright declining any Android builds using our software, and it is affecting all of our users. Any help here too would be greatly appreciated.

Finally this hit me too. Google no longer allows new apps or even updates without targeting API 29. Yet Codeworks for Android is not supporting it yet.
Please, let us know if there are plans on adding support.

Similarly stuck here - would be great to know what’s happening.

Is anyone able to reply to this topic? @TomK
Since Google requires API 29, the whole toolchain from NVIDIA can no longer be used to submit app or updates to apps. It is a deal breaker.

Please don’t let us sit in the dark and give us an update on the situation.

I had came close to updating the toolchain. I was able to update the sdk side to the API 30, but unfortunately there is no way to update the ndk besides by Nvidia. I may circle around back and try again. If I do, then I’ll be sure to provide an update too.

Thank you vigmu2. I hope NVIDIA will actually respond, at least so we know where we stand. If I knew they are giving up on the project, I would continue digging into alternatives.

I tried numerous times but always failed to adopt either Android Studio nor the support of Visual Studio for Android. Both are not in the best shape in regards to C++/NDK/Gradle support.

Hi @Xood,

I am trying to locate a Codeworks resource for this topic.

Thanks for your patience.


Thank you for looking into this @TomK.

Hello @TomK could you provide us with an update on the situations? Thank you.

Yes please @TomK - if you can find out what’s happening that would be great.

Hi all,

I have been trying to find someone experienced with Codeworks, but have been unsuccessful. The search continues.

Thanks for your patience.


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hi @TomK - any news on this? at some point GDPR considerations mean we must update the game which we can’t do without a Codeworks update. If Codeworks isn’t being updated anymore then we’ll need to look at moving to Android Studio - which I’d really prefer not to. thanks

Hi @dan_collier, Unfortunately, I am still working on getting an official response from the team. Thanks for your patience.


Hi everyone,

Codeworks for Android is being deprecated. We are sorry for your inconvenience. A recommended transition for Nsight Visual Studio Edition for Tegra users who desire flexibility is to use an independent build systems such as CMake. CMake build commands can still be referenced from most IDEs with project types such as Microsoft Visual Studio’s nmake. For debugging, we recommend Microsoft Visual Studio’s built-in support for Android.

Many of us have waited nearly a year for this response. I’ll be honest, it shouldn’t be hard at all to update the platform versions as it should be mostly simple gradle changes and your devs should realize this. Would they at all be interested in simply making it open source so we can maintain it?

The built-in tools and CMake are not comparable alternatives at all, but rather, are already the few only options that exist using Microsoft Visual Studio.

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@TomK agree with @softweir, it is sad to have waited this long while it seems to be clear for a long time. In fact I asked this questions a year or two ago. Google is known for dropping projects left and right, but at least they inform about the end of lifetime before dropping support.

Please push our request if making the project open source would be a solution. At least this would give us a chance to restore and continue working with the toolchain. I would even be ok if certain aspects would not work, like debugging.

As softweir stated tools like CMake are not at all comparable. I spend a great deal of time in many alternatives and none were up to the level what NVIDA provided us with.

Agreed - there should have been some warning of this so we could prepare.

@TomK - if the project could be made open source that would really help

@TomK Also if possible can we get a reasonably quick decision on this so we can move forward - very soon our game is going to get demonetized as we currently can’t update it - thanks

@dan_collier You should have received a private message from one of the team members.