Codeworks for Android Supporting latest SDK version (29 and up)

I was just wondering if Codeworks will get support for Android SDK 29 so that applications made through Nvidia Tegra VSE could be compliant with Google Play standards?

I am working on utilizing Codeworks with the CryEngine software since it was supported before, but right now Codeworks only supports a SDK version that isn’t compliant with Google Play.

Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just guiding me to add the latest SDK version to Codeworks myself.


Also wondering. Google Play is outright declining any Android builds using our software, and it is affecting all of our users. Any help here too would be greatly appreciated.

Finally this hit me too. Google no longer allows new apps or even updates without targeting API 29. Yet Codeworks for Android is not supporting it yet.
Please, let us know if there are plans on adding support.

Similarly stuck here - would be great to know what’s happening.

I also ask myself the same question, I hope that this problem will be quickly resolved.Mini Militia App Lock