Codeworks support for latest NDK versions


Can you please tell me if Codeworks is likely to support the later versions of the NDK anytime soon?

Currently it states that in release 1R7 the support is for android NDK64 r15c - which is from July 2017 (2 years old).

The latest stable version of the NDK is r20 (June 2019)

We are beginning to see libraries that we use beginning to build with the later NDK’s which will soon prevents us from using the latest versions of the libraries if our build environment through Codeworks does not support the later NDK’s.



Oh… And support for Visual Studio 2019?

Hello, and thanks for reaching us out.
A new version of the product featuring support of VS 2019, Android P targets, and NDK r18b is now in the works. If interested, you may apply for participation in beta testing.
There are no immediate plans for Android Q and NDK 19+ support.

Excellent. How do I sign up for beta testing?



I’ve sent you a private message with contact details.

any planned release date?

google says we need to target android version 28 to upload new apps.

Hi Mikhail,

How close are you to a release of the new version with VS2019/Android P and NDK r18b support?

Do you have a newer beta for me to try?


Nigel Brown

Is NVidia planning in future final version of nvidia codeworks visual studio 2019 support besides beta tests?