Future versions NDK support???

I think that google will soon release NDK r13 and by december NDK r14. They also deprecated GCC and moved to gradle/cmake.

Are there any plans to update the support of new NDK faster than it is currently?
I’d like to be able to move to latest NDK sooner rather than later and move to clang/libc++.
Most platforms we support are either Visual C++ or Clang already.

And I am eagerly waiting (and our SHIELD) for the Vulkan tools and hopefully Android 7 based OTA with latest Vulkan stuff.

The latest NDK we should support is NDK-r12b. The google haven’t release new NDK. We would soon support new NDK, once it is release.


Well, r13b is supported just by copying “source.properties” from r12b. (won’t work with LLVM STL)