Collecting data from the CloudXR SDK

Curious to know how NVIDIA/others tracked metrics (FPS, latency, ping rate, etc) when testing on the Oculus Quest 2 or other standalone headsets? Is there software you installed on the headset, was there software installed on the server that collected that information, or is there something in the SDK that we missed? So far, we have been able to track numbers directly on the server but not what is happening on the headset.

We’re currently testing on AWS servers with the Quest 2 but will soon be testing with the Pico Neo 2 Eye as well.

I would encourage a look at section 5.5 Local Event|(CloudXR Visual Profiler) and see if that helps.

you can try using the QoS tracing, just note that it can make some serious impact on performance depending on the client device.

in your CloudXRLaunchOptions.txt on the device, or in launch flags, you can use -tqs or -trace-qos-stats.