CloudXR 2.1 QoS tracing on HoloLens2

I’ve been trying to get QoS tracing on Hololens 2 to work for a while now. The most promising network configuration I’ve tried is an ASUS GT-AX11000 router directly connected to my workstation, set up using 5GHz. I’ve built my OpenVR sample application in Unity which I’ve simply played from the editor. I’m using SteamVR version 1.19.7 and a NVIDIA Quardro P2000 graphics card. I’ve followed several posts on the CloudXR developer portal about poor performance on HL2. This seems to be an issue for me as well, however people were still able to get traces. In Visual Studio I sometimes receive the following output: Unable to retrieve metadata for key 345. Does this mean that my connection isn’t stable enough to allow for QoS tracing? I’ve tried command line options in VS as well as including the command to the .txt file.
I’ve attached server side logs in case it is any helpful.
CloudXR Server - SteamVR Log 2021-08-26 13.48.01.txt (499.2 KB)
Streamer Server Log 2021-08-26 13.48.01.txt (359.7 KB)