Extreme latency

I have the cloud XR server running on a HP g4 with RTX 6000 card. SteamVR 1.16.10. Hololens2 with latest updates. Server connected to Asus RT-AC88U router by cable. H2 using 5Ghz wifi. I start steamvr and then the provided h2 client application. It connects swiftly and I get an image. BUT: latency is extreme. Approaching 1 sec. Temporarily turned off HP remote Boost and firewall with no change in quality. Even turned of firewall in router (no change) Tried to look at the server logs but cannot really make anything from them. Opening device portal for the h2 and looking at 3D-view I can see the extreme lag there as well (the view frustum updates with large delay). If I stop the CloudXR client on the h2, The 3d view updates as it should. I find it very hard to troubleshoot this. Anyone have any ideas?


HL2 requires quite a bit of bandwidth. Is there anything else using your router? Also, where abouts are you vs where your router is physically located? (separate room / line of sight / etc ?) Ideally, you should be running WiFi 6, not 5Ghz. I know the documentation says 5Ghz is supported, but 5Ghz is not great with certain XR workloads / devices (depending on the Optics in use).

I highly doubt the RTX 6000 is running out of performance (I’m assuming this isn’t virtualised?), but you can check various resources on the CXR Server to see if there are any issues, Windows Task Manager and GPU Profiler ( Releases · JeremyMain/GPUProfiler · GitHub ) will give you some very quick and high level indicative stats to see if there’s anything obvious. After that, you’re into GPU performance modes and encoding latency using nvidia-smi. If all that looks ok, then you’re back in to network latency and throughput. What’s the ping time to your HL2 from the CXR Server?



Hi, sorry for slow answer, Easter + had to test some more. However just to make absolutely sure I didn’t have a bad network I bought a new wifi 6 router for extreme gaming (ASUS RT-AX88U) and connect only the H2 and the server. No internet. No other devices. I get the exact same low performance. Firewalls wide open. While it does technically work (it sends frames etc) but the performance is probably around 5 fps with a latency approaching a second.
Btw, there seems H2 will not respond to ping at all (https://www.reddit.com/r/HoloLens/comments/k56o8t/send_ping/).
Does it work for you beyond just connecting and sending frames? IE, do you get useful performance?

I have a HL2 using my ISP provided router (nothing special run of the mill huewai wireless AC router) and it works just fine. I haven’t tried anything too intensive or an application made specifically for the HL2 but I’ve “played” star wars droid repair bay and that worked just fine. As a sanity check it might be worth seeing if this works: Holographic Remoting Player - Mixed Reality | Microsoft Docs to make sure its not a connection issue?

Ok thanks , good to know it at least should work! I have tested using virtual desktop using the server client sw “Mirage” and that gives me excellent performance so it should really not be any issues with my network per se. Anyway, I will test remoting player as well to see where it’s at.

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FYI: We actually got in contact with NVIDIA and they confirmed the bug and that the H2 + CXR is sketchy atm. Let’s hope to see a new updated release on GTC. I will drop CXR for the time being as it seems Holographic Remoting might work right now.

For now, the use I have is streaming with CXR throught SteamVR an UnityApp, and It’s working fine. I even tried with complex display and no latency occurs, except maybe on the hand tracking, which may come from the Hololens2 native Hand Tracking.

Could you please share what kind of router / hub have you been using? I am experiencing a lag too on the standard HL2 client released by NVidia

Hello, I’m using a Netgear Orbi Router RBR850, a wifi 6 router

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Hello, same issue here, with the sample provided by nvidia.


If you are experiencing latency issues with the HoloLens 2 sample, could you provide the QoS logs and ETL Traces for analysis? Information on collecting the data is available in the included Overview Guide, sections “5.3.4 - Additional Logging Features” and “5.4 - ETL Traces”


Quick notice: 2.1 doesn’t work on my HL2 any better then earlier version. Sorry don’t have time to debug cloud XR at this time. MS holographic remoting works excellently so it is not my computer or network.

Oh, and 2.1 with the iOS client works fine!

Just upping this thread. @wrice any news?