Commercial and enterprise use of Jetson AGX Xavier


Will it be possible to connect with someone in Nvidia who can tell us if its feasible to use AGX Xavier and Nano for commercial purpose for 24X7 usage throughout year. What are the limitations of these devices ? I understand they perform well on streams for hours and may be days , but we look forward to deploy them in numbers and for longer duration.


We have Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) calculations which are produced in the design phase to predict a product’s future reliability in the field, please refer to Environmental & Mechanical Screening section at Xavier and Nano datasheets:

It says file not found or link expired

Please find those datasheet documents from Jetson Download Center be sure to mage the registration and login first:

Got it.
Quick question : Uncontrolled Environment (GF) T = 35°C, UCL = 90%
what is (GF)T ? (GM)T ? FIT?

GF (Ground fixed ): Non-mobile equipment that is used in less than ideal environments, such as rack mount, instrumentation or equipment that is used in buildings without controlled temperatures. Part Ambient Temp. 40 ºC, Semiconductor Junction Temp. 60 ºC.

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