Jetson AGX Xavier (JAXi) MTBF

Hi guys,

  1. I can’t find the MTBF for Ground Mobile applications for the JAXi. Is this value available somewhere?
  2. The temperature given for MTBF (“T=35°C”), where is it measured?

We are checking internally, will update once available.

Hi, the datasheet will be updated as below in next release. The 35C is ambient temp.

MTBF numbers below are based on Telcordia (TelC4) SR-332, ISSUE4, Calculation Methodology: Parts Count (Method 1), UCL = 90%, Quality level: II GM at 35: 884,953 hours

Thank you, this is the information I was looking for.

One follow up question/comment: Wouldn’t it be better to specify the temperature at the TTP rather than the ambient air? Now there is room for interpretation when it comes to air flow and orientation of the device. If the TTP temperature is used as reference, it is easier for users to set up their own verification method, measure the temperature profile at the TTP for their application and then evaluate whether they should expect a higher or lower MTBF.

Currently it is ambient temp for this. Thanks for your advice, will transfer to the team.

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