Operating lifetime

FAQ says operating lifetime of Xavier is 5 years . Can I know the estimation temperature and voltage of Xavier operating lifetime? In other words, at which temperature and voltage make sense 5 years of operating lifetime.

As said in operating requirement in module data sheet, it is -25C - 80C, 9V - 20V.

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Hi. I want to know the exact estimation temperature and voltage of the Xavier operation lifetime.
In your former comment, you gave the range, not the exact value to calculate lifetime.
When measuring the lifetime, what estimation temperature and voltage did you set?

Hi, I would like to know if the Jetson AGX Xavier can work continuously 24 hours a day with the source that comes from the factory. What would be the approximate useful life time under these conditions.
It will be used for point cloud processing.
Thank you.

Yes, the operating lifetime is based on continuously 24hrs working mode.