The working condition of 5 Years operating lifetime for Jetson NX module?

Hi. In the manual of Jetson NX module, it is mentioned that its operating lifetime is 5 years. What are the working conditions for this operating lifetime? 7*24 hours of full load work? Is there a document that describes the details of this data?

Thanks so much.

Please find those information from Jetson Xavier NX Module Data Sheet

Thanks for your reply. But I can’t find any description about operating lifetime in the datasheet. Does this 5-year operating lifetime correspond to the following working conditions?

  1. Temperature Range (TJ)*: -25°C – 90°C
  2. 24/7 hours full workload

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That’s the specification, and should work well under this condition.

So in which part of the manual is there a clear statement of the operating conditions corresponding to the 5-year operating lifetime?

Because we use the jetson nx module in medical devices. In the analysis of the operating lifetime of medical devices, we need to analyze the working conditions corresponding to the operating lifetime of each component, and then evaluate the operating lifetime of the medical device as a whole.

So we need that there is a clear description of jetson nx module’s operating lifetime and corresponding operating conditions in any official document, as a supporting document.


I found that there is a description in jetson AGX module datasheet.

But there is not any description in jetson nx module datasheet.

Hello. Can anyone help with this problem?

Thanks so much.

Sorry for the late response.

Yea, 5 Year Operating Life references for Xavier NX:

Temperature Range (TJ)*: -25°C – 90°C

24/7 Operation is accurate.

For Xavier NX and AGX Xavier, customer must follow the Thermal Design Guide to meet the operating lifetime.
BTW, the screenshot is AGX Orin Data Sheet, not AGX Xavier.

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