Operating lifetime

Can operating lifetime 5 years be maintained under power rail voltage 20V, temperature 80’C with MaxN power mode? or there is any restrictions in power mode for 5 years ?

The lifetime is based on the “Operating Requirements” as listed in module datasheet.

I feel very sorry for keep asking… I checked operating requirements. Frequency is not mentioned. I am confused since gpu frequency affects voltage of gpu.
If operating requirements are kept, for example 80’c, power rail voltage 20V, then maximum GPU frequency(for example, in power mode 30W, fix GPU frequency with 1.37GHz) can maintain 5 years of reliability? or GPU frequency should be fixed on default GPU frequency of its power mode(for example if power mode is 30W, GPU frequency default is 0.9GHz(905250000)).

As you can see in module data sheet, the operating requirements are: Temperature Range: -25C – 80C | Module Power *: 10W – 30W | Power Input: System Voltage Input 9.0V – 20.0V; 5V Input: 5.0V.

No matter the GPU frequency or others, only need the system to run in above ranges.

Hi, I would like to know if the Jetson AGX Xavier can work continuously 24 hours a day with the source that comes from the factory. What would be the approximate useful life time under these conditions.
It will be used for point cloud processing.
Thank you.

Yes, the operating lifetime is based on continuously 24hrs working mode.