Common carrier card for TX2, TX2i and TX1 : D flip flp logic is not working

I have designed a common carrier card for TX2, TX2i and TX1. I have followed the TX2 EV kit C02 schematic(page 19 an d page 20). As per the design, MOD_VIN_EN goes high on a short press and MOD_PWR_ON_CLK pin also makes a transition from high to low and back to high again. But the status of MOD_PWR_ON_STATE and MOD_PWR_ON_STATE_L pins are not changing. It remains LOW and HIGH respectively. Can you please help to identify possible reasons? The status of MOD_PWR_ON_SET is HIGH.


Not sure about this kind of problem, it should be same to dev kit if the design is really same. Suggest to compare your design to reference in detail, or maybe you need also to check the datasheet of SRC0CS25D to locate issue easily.