Communication between Jetson Nano and ESC using DShot protocol


My question is about how to interface ESC (electronic speed controller) with Jetson Nano using DShot protocol (a serial protocol that uses digital (16 bits) values instead of PWM to change the motor speed). The goal is to implement a communication between the flight controller running on Jetson Nano and the ESCs with the highest speed possible.
For more information check this:

What I now about this is that I need to connect through DMA (direct memory access). But the rest is kind of vague. It seems that I need a python or c code on the Nano side to communicate through DMA to ESC.

I will appreciate if you tell me what do you think and if you know how should I proceed, in terms of the physical connections (wiring) and software part.

Hi, hope someone has such experience. From hw side, it seems that the main IO to Jetson Nano should be SPI, I2C, PWM pin and etc., you might need to make a bridge board/wires group to connect your board to Nano. We have provided Product Design Guide and reference schematic of dev kit in DLC, you can check that first. As for the code, it is necessary for this kind of third-party device to run with Nano.