Control motor brushless with jetson nano


I have done a lot of research on how to control a brushless motor with an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) using a nano jetson. I did not find how to connect the esc to the gpio of the jetson.
I also did not find how to make a simple code to control my motor.

If you could help me to clear these points.

Thanks in advance.

Sacha Lepresle

Most ESCs are controled by PWM signals. You can use Jetson-gpio library to send PWM signal on jetsons GPIO connector. In samples folder there is some example code for PWM…

Thank you for your answer but I don’t know where to find the examples file.

Would you have an idea to connect the ESC to the jetson nano.


It is file jetson-gpio/samples/

Everything else is depending on your specific ESC board. You may want to look this Jetsonhacks article on Jet-Racer, part 3 is about ESC motor controller.