Compatible jetpack, libnvinfer, cuda, cudnn and tensorflow versions

I am trying to install the right version of tensorflow for the given cuda, cudnn and libnvinfer libraries flashed onto my jetson xavier agx. I am not able to find anywhere how to relate these different libraries. I tried to install tensorflow 2.3.1 because thats the only latest version which supports cuda 10.2 which is flashed onto my jetson xavier. But I encounter “Could not load dynamic library '” while trying to convert to a tensorrt model. I know that the libnvifer v8 has been flashed onto my jetson device but I am not sure which tensorflow version supports this libnvifer version. I dont know whether it is the jetpack version which I chose incorrectly or the tensorflow version itself, while installing tensorflow on the jetson. Apparently, I dont think there is any “concrete way” to determine this. I just need a comprehensive list about which of these library versions are compatible with each other. e.g like this “উত্স থেকে তৈরি করুন  |  TensorFlow”. Along with this is there a way to know additional info like jetpack version, libnvifer versions for particular tensorflow/tensorrt versions?


Please make sure you are using our prebuilt package.
You can find the installation steps in the below document:

All the available versions can be found via the corresponding URL.
For example JetPack 4.6

$ sudo pip3 install --pre --extra-index-url tensorflow==

More, please noted that our latest v2.6.0+nv21.9 has some issues with cuTensor library.
It’s recommended to use other releases instead.


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