Compiling a .cu file using Visual Express 2008

I had found a CUDA code online:…

However, I am not sure how to compile it, as I have never used Visual Studio Express before. So far i have only compiled .cu file using nvmex in Matlab.

Would an exe file be created after the .cu code is compiled?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

I think the cuda SDK should work fine on VS Express, however you should probably do a “Hello World” example in Visual Studio Express before you start. gives the steps for Visual Studion I hope they are the correct for Express.

The cuda SDK is here…ds.html#Windows
(then choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit, 32-bit is 275 MB)

Once you have it installed find the projects folder and then pick the template project, make a backup of that project before you start, then modify its code.
Note the template is set up for making a project that works like all the other SDK projects, it contains bits that arn’t needed in a simple project (or did last time I used it) so don’t be worried

If you Build a “Release” version it should make an exe. NB exe on mine was in bin folder in folder above the template folder

Alternatively rather than using the code you refered to you may find another example in the SDK you like. My favourite is the n-body.