compiling dealII from CPU2006

Hi, everybody,

Are there any known issues with compiling 447.dealII benchmark from SPEC CPU2006 suite?
I cannot build it on Windows 32/64 bit with the latest 11.1 compiler.


Hi Sanik,

The only issue may be the use of zero-cost exception handling (–zc_eh). It’s gone through a major overhaul on Linux (and is now default on Linux) but the Windows work is still in process. My testing shows that --zc_eh is fine with 447.dealII, but --zc_eh is known to cause failures elsewhere. Try removing this flag to see if it solves your problem.

If problem persists, can you please give more details about the failure? What flags are you using and what is the exact build error.

  • Mat

Thank you, Mat.

The issue has been resolved. Some porting options were missing.


Hi Mat,

There is one more issue with regard to SPEC2006.

On Windows 32-bit 450.soplex and couple other C++ applications cannot be build with the diagnostics like

pgcpp-Fatal-ipalink completed with exit code -1073741819

Compile options are -fastsse -Mipa=fast,inline -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt.

Is there any ideas what happens?