Completely system freeze with RTX3060

I have an RTX 3060 LHR and my system will completely freeze every once in a while.
Seems to happen more often when running Blender or video editors. I can’t do anything, even the magic keys won’t work - the only way to reboot is to cut power.
I have tried changing BIOS/OC settings, updating/reinstalling drivers but nothing works.
The same hardware on Windows doesn’t have this problem.
Running KDE neon (jammy) with Plasma 6.0.0, but it was happening on 5.27 and earlier as well.

What should I try to solve this issue? I paid a lot of money for this GPU and I’ve lost so much unsaved work because of this bug.
Thanks in advance for you help.
nvidia-bug-report.log (1.2 MB)