Complex convex mesh does not generate collisions (Windows 8.1 / PhysX3.3)


I have a dynamic actor that is composed by many ConvexMesh geometries and a static actor which is a triangle mesh geometry used as ground.

Issue: when my dynamic actor falls down, it passes through the static ground.

I put the PVD project that shows this issue here:

Interesting frames are 107 to 110.
Frame 107: the dynamic object is over the ground, falling down.
Frame 108: the dynamic object touches the ground, but a little part of it already passed through the ground.
Frame 109: the dynamic object continues to pass through the ground, note that its orientation has changed (An effect of a collision?)
Frame 110: the dynamic object totally passed through the ground.

Did I do something wrong with this dynamic object on its convex definition?

Thank you!


I´ve didnt saw the PVD, but its much easier if you post code how you create it, and more informations
like if you are using a custom filtershader or what ever.
(Oh of course, a small clip on youtube would help too :) )

But I guess you are using a simple setup, so this could help:

Please post how you update the simulation. (Is it semi fixed?)
Did you read this one?

With easy words, if the simulation update loop is wrong, you get some
undesired nondeterministic behaviour, (like suddendly falling thru due to frame drops).
The simulation update loop should look like this:

mStepSize = 0.01f;
mAccumulator += mDeltaTime;
if (mAccumulator > 0.05f) mAccumulator = 0.05f; //semi fixed, play with this value

while (mAccumulator >= mStepSize)
mAccumulator -= mStepSize;

Just search a little bit in the forum, I´ve post somewhere a explaination for it.
(Its older, just search for timing or something else)

If the dynamic object is falling thru, maybe the face order is incorrect.
(Which could explain why the object is rotating a little bit)