Computing power comparison between NVIDIA Drive AGX Orin vs Jetson AGX Orin

Hello NVIDIA Drive Community,

I am currently working on a project involving AI for automotive applications, specifically on object detection capabilities necessary for autonomous driving and ADAS. As these applications are critical, selecting the right NVIDIA Orin-based platform is crucial.

I am currently evaluating different platforms for an AI-focused project that requires robust object detection capabilities. I’m interested in two platforms, the NVIDIA Drive AGX Orin and Jetson AGX Orin, as they are both built around the same Orin System on a Chip (SoC). However, I understand that each platform is designed for different applications. Despite the fact that they both use the same chip, I’m still unsure about their computing power for AI. This has led me to two key questions:

  1. In terms of AI computing power, particularly for tasks like object detection, how do the Drive AGX Orin and Jetson AGX Orin compare?

  2. Which platform is better for AI tasks such as object detection? Is Drive Orin better than Jetson Orin for this?

I would appreciate any insights or experiences you could share to help clarify these points.

The choice depends on your specific project requirements. I recommend reaching out to your NVIDIA representative, who can provide tailored guidance based on your project needs and help you select the platform that best suits your requirements.

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