Configuration for wake up event

Verified working function on PP.06 (hi/lo), but can I use this signal for wake up NVIDIA from suspend mode?
What is required, how to do it?

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio | grep PP.06
gpio-446 (PP.06 | sysfs ) in hi


There is a “wake” column in the spreasheet. Only those with value in that column can be wake pin.

Yes. pin PP.06 is a dedicated pin for wakeup, according to Orin AGX development module spreadsheet.

I 'm HW guy.
Need pin register PP.06 configuration for wake event or register for interrupt activate?


Software patch to linux kernel is required.

I have added a document but it would be ready in next release.
For now, a draft here for you as a reference.

→ Enabling GPIO as a Wake-Up Source

If the pin has an ID in the Wake column in the pinmux spreadsheet, a GPIO pin can wake the device from a suspended stage.

After checking the wake ID from spreadsheet, add the pin information to the <top>/kernel/kernel-5.10/drivers/soc/tegra/pmc.c file, and to update the kernel.

  • For Orin series, add pin information to tegra234_wake_events.

Here is an example:

Power Button (POWER_BTN_N) - GPIO3_PEE.04 - wake29

  static const struct tegra_wake_event tegra234_wake_events[] = {
        TEGRA_WAKE_GPIO("power", 29, 1, TEGRA234_AON_GPIO(EE, 4)),


The third parameter of TEGRA_WAKE_GPIO is the instance of the GPIO group.

   - For a AON GPIO, it must be 1.
   - For a MAIN GPIO, it must be 0.

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