Going to and from Sleep Mode (SC7) on AGX ORIN using GPIO 40-Pin-Header or Automation header

I’m working on a Jetson AGX ORIN developer Kit, and I am trying to wake the board using a GPIO signal or anything similar.
1- I have been looking at the schematics of the board and I couldn’t find any WAKE pin on the 40-pin-header.
I have found some signals such as M2E_BT_WAKE, M2E_WIFI_WAKE and M2E_WIFI_WAKE but all of them are connected internally on the M.2 KEY module. Do you know if I can find any other WAKE signal on the 40-pin-header ?
2- I noticed on the Automation Header that there is a Wake on LAN (WOL) located on the PIN A47 and the GPIO38. I understood from the schematics that shorting this pin ETH_WOL_EN_N and the PIN10 on the automation header (GND) would enable the Wake On LAN option. Can you explain how does it work and what setup is required for that ?
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Currently, only the pins listed on the pmc could be wake up source.


→ static const struct tegra_wake_event tegra234_wake_events

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