Jetson Orin AGX carrier board wake event

In Xavier document “Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide” there is a table (5-8) with wake event and reference design signal. Where can i find this table for Orin AGX development carrier board?

Which GPIO is recommend to wake Orin AGX from deep sleep mode (SC7)? It is desirable to use the 40 pol connector for this function.

please refer to the wakeup source event list here

Also, what you want to know could be seen in pinmux spreadsheet.

link you refer to, have i test USB-A with keyborad. It works on some USB-A ports, not all. I have also tested the RTC and it also works. But I expect more possibilities to wake up, XAVIER there is a table that talks about the possibilities, this table is missing for ORIN (?)

No… this table does not matter. As I said, the pinmux spreadsheet has the same info as this table provided…

ok i found a pin assignment spreadsheet. Found only 2 suitable candidates in M2E connector with dedicated GPIO single name 23 and 32. Then WiFi/BLE cannot be used. There must be a better option wake up device using input signal?

Please check the columns which indicate “wake pin” in your spreadsheet. Every pin that can be configured between “no” and “yes” in wake pin column could be your wakeup event.

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