Orin SPE trigger wake from standby

I am using Orin AGX on Connecttech Forge carrier with JP5.1.1 and need to wake SoC from standby using a signal from an external device. The Forge does not have any inputs available that map to pins which support WAKE interrupt. I have worked on the SPE to read inputs and communicate the kernel using IVC with success. Now I am trying to use the CCPLEX wake feature from the SPE, but it crashes the SoC and force a reboot. There is a note in the aodmic-app example that says it does not work with Orin and a note elsewhere saying Orin SPE doesn’t work with SC7. I can confirm that is true : )

Is there a roadmap to making the SPE work in SC7 on Orin to support the wake feature?

Also CAN support for SPE would be very useful so our vehicle control unit can initiate the SoC wake without additional low voltage wires being run for GPIO.

I’m still unclear about your use case.
What’s the wake source?
Generally, external signal can wakeup device, so I’m don’t know the exact meaning of ’ Orin SPE trigger wake from standby’.


Hello ChenJian,

The wake source is an input on PG.03, PA.02, PA.01, and/or PBB.01. These are the only inputs available on my carrier board, but none of them are shown in the Pinmux spreadsheet as having wake capability (https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/secure/jetson/agx_orin/jetson_agx_orin_pinmux_config_template.xlsm)

Therefore, what I have done is write a task for the SPE to poll my available inputs. The SPE in the past has had the ability to wake the SoC using the tegra_wake_trigger_wake_event function in wake-tegra.h, but on Orin calling this function in standby (SC7) causes the SoC to crash and restart.

So, what I am looking for:
Are there other options for waking the SoC using external IO?
Is there a roadmap for SC7 support for Orin’s SPE?

I would also like to show my support for releasing CAN support for Orin’s SPE.

Thank you,

Sorry for delayed response.
I’m afraid that’s not an option. After entering SC7, AON does not mean it can always run, and it still external source to wake up.
Do you have any other options, like key, ethernet, USB, or whatever?

As to CAN support in SPE, you can search the forum. You may have to port the driver by yourself, and I can provide limited support, to confirm the register-level access in SPE side is good.


Hi ChenJian,

I did not realize AON (always on) would not continue to run during SC7, so thank you for clarifying.

What do you mean by “key” as a wake up option? Our VCU only has GPIO and CAN as options for signalling the SoC to wake. I will talk with the carrier board provider and see what may be available. Possibly we could make a custom M.2 card that can give access to the PCIE or BT wake signals with proper circuit protection.


You can refer to L4T doc and Orin design guide for wake resource.
Basically, GPIO, RTC, USB, etc., can be used to wake up device from SC7.


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