Configuring 88Q6113 from Jetson AGX Orin module

We are planning to connect 88Q6113 ethernet switch to Jetson AGX Orin module using MGBE lines. Can we configure the switch from Jetson AGX Orin module using the MGBE interface lines with out MDIO and MDC?

We can connect Jetson AGX Orin and 88Q6113 modules using MGBE(SerDES) lines if the modules are not on the same carrier board and distance is more. But we can’t carry MDIO and MDC lines if both the modules(Jetson AGX Orin and 88Q6113) are not on the same carrier board. So is it possible to configure the switch using the MGBE controller driver at Jetson AGX Orin module?

Hi, for hardware, we don’t have suggestion on the design that is different to one in Guide as below. Customer will have to handle that by themselves or check with the device vendor first.

Does the MGBE controller driver have support for sending control info and data info to the switch, so that switch will identify the type of data and act accordingly.

Please refer to the developer guide documentation.

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