Conflict between newer drivers and Qt5

Our company has developed a application base on Qt5.
We have received reports from our customers these past few weeks.
Their computers with Nvidia graphics driver versions 516.59 and 516.94 installed.
There will be no response when opening our software, but after uninstalling the Nvidia graphics driver, the software can be opened.
We have used QT5 as a tool to test whether the open is not open up, and found that there is indeed an installation of Nvidia graphics driver will not open up.

Can you help with this? If I need to provide relevant information, please let me know. Thanks


Hello there @will_chou , welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I checked with our internal issue tracker and also a bit wider outside the company, but this does not seem to be a general issue with our latest driver and Qt. I am afraid that means unless you can share debug output showing a fault or crash in our driver there is not much we can do.

Over the past there have been occasions where Qt uses OpenGL acceleration that was not quite compatible with the OpenGL implementation of the driver present on the platform. And this was regardless of which GPU vendor was in use.

For that reason the best you can do is to properly debug your application and find out exactly where the start-up process is interrupted. My guess would be some specific OpenGL call through the Qt API. If you find that, it will be much easier for you to identify where the problem is and how to address it. It is possible that a simple version update of the Qt version you build against might solve this.

Best of success!