NVD3DREL: GR-805 : DX9 Overlay is DISABLED


I want to report an issue with Nvidia 496.13 and latest driver. When I build/run my project using Qt Creator then I get the following message in the output: NVD3DREL: GR-805 : DX9 Overlay is DISABLED.
I use Qt 5.9.9 and 5.15.2 to build my projects. This issue only exists on Nvidia 496.13 and latest driver. I have CUDA 11.5 Update 1 installed, but this project does not use it. On 472.12 driver version no such issue exists. Please fix it. Thank you.


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I’m seeing the same issue when building with Qt Creator, on both versions 5.15.2 and 6. I’m working on a fork of GitHub - mapeditor/tiled: Flexible level editor .

I’m seeing the same issue.
Qt 6.2.2. and Qt 5.15.2. Qt Creator 6.0.2.
GT 1030. Driver 511.23
MS Windows 10 21H1 19043.1466

Revert the graphic driver to 47X.XX version.
This is a link to download old nvidia drivers. That will resolve the issue.

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As far as I can tell, this is only about the warning message “DX9 Overlay is DISABLED”, correct? Or is someone actually seeing bugs, crashes, projects not being built, etc.?

If this is causing an actual crash, could someone maybe provide a minimal reproduction app or project that woud show the issue?

As a note, DirectX 9 has long been deprecated by Microsoft. So this warning can easily be triggered by some app or function calling not available DX9 APIs.


A bit more clarification on the topic.

The warning message comes during the deprecation period of DX9 HW Video Overlays. DX9 HW Video Overlays are a legacy feature that only some very few older applications still might use. This feature is superseded by Multiplane Overlay functions in DX10 and later.

In one of our upcoming driver releases this message will be removed.

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