Directx 12 Support for Fermi Architecture GPUs

When there will driver support for nvidia Geforce 500 and 500m series GPUs?
I am a C++ Game Developer and I have Geforce 540m GPU and even my Windows 10 dxdiag says Directx Runtime is Directx 12 and Nvidia Driver system information also mentioning that Directx 12 run-time support and D3D feature level below 12,you can grab the situation by looking following images:

I have installed lates driver from nvidia :-

As for information I would like to show you the results when I run both Direcrx 12(D3D12) and Vulkan demo programs:

  • Directx 12 Demo Program
  • [img][/img]

    This basic tutorial from :-

    and also,

  • Vulkan Demo program
  • [img][/img]

    This is the Chopper vulkan demo by Nvidia :-

    Please tell us when nvidia going to release these supporting Drivers? for fermi Architecture GPUs?
    Can we develop DX12 and VULKAN based C++ programs under the hood?

    You’re wrong. You mingle DirectX and Direct3D, DirectX is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs), Direct3D is an API itself. DirectX 12 API support multiversions of Direct3D API such as Direct3D 12, 11 and 9. Your hardware support Direct3D 11.2 with a hardware support 11.0 and that’s all.

    There a screenshot of my actual card which support Direct3D 12 API.

    Nvidia says, they not gonna support Fermi architecture even if the hardware can support it. Anyway it does not really matter. Fermi is way slow compared to Maxwell/Kepler.

    Thnax for the reply Kwee.
    Your screenshot convey that your hardware totally support direct3D 12 level features.My problem was that I can compile the C/C++ program with d3d 12 features but I cannot run on my GPU.nvidia support chat said that they are going to release a driver for the fermi GPUs,but still no positive.
    You mentioned that ,

    How did you exactly mention that ? please post any link that nvidia says they are going to leave fermi support for D3d 12 and vulkan?
    Because I scheduled some of my gaming projects until supportive driver arrive.
    So,Kwee that is not going to happen? negative? Please reply friend,becuase I want to stop waiting for this driver and save my time.

    Hi Macxfad,

    DirectX 12


    Have a nice day

    Oh thanks… nvidia made a bad decision though… what to do… thank you mate for the information.