whether the nvidia geforce gt 620 support?

whether the nvidia geforce gt 620 support Vulkan Api and if so, when?

GT 620 is a rebranded GT 520, which is Fermi architecture. NVIDIA said that they would support Vulkan on Fermi last August, but now says that nobody is using it anymore and the install base is not worth it. That’s obviously bullshit. Especially considering they must have started working on it at some point, because you can query device properties with the Vulkan API from the driver on Fermi. You can chime in here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/917161/vulkan/fermi-support-/

We don’t know why NVIDIA decided to do the same marketing mistake twice. They also promised DX12 for Fermi long ago, but changed their mind without ever giving a clear statement.