Vulcan cannot launch on GeForce GT 630

I was trying to test Vulkan in The Talos Principle game, but it was still crashing. I wondered if it’s a game error, or something wrong with the Vulkan itself, and it seems like it is that second option.

When launching “vulkaninfo”, I get “VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED” error.

I was testing it on 356.39 drivers, which are the only one on the computer right now (I made sure it is a clean install, and before installing them, removed all previous versions).

What might be the problem?


There are two models of the GT630 that are Fermi based (

I don’t know what model do you have but if you have one of that Fermi based (GT 440 rebranded) you don’t have Vulkan support at least for now.

Hope that nvidia keep his promise of SIGGRAPH in last August and delivery Vulkan support for Fermi.