Strange issue: 'Graphics debug' complaining a D3D9 device is created. Nsight only support D3D11 or higher.

Hi. I just started using Nsight for Visual Studio 2017, and got a strange problem. Hope to get some help here. Greatly appreciated!

The issue is when I do ‘graphics debugging’, an error message shows:

The attached application is creating a D3D9 device, but Nsight only supports D3D11 and higher.This device will not be tracked.
Not all Nsight features are supported on Microsoft Windows Hybrid Graphics systems. Your debug session may become unstable.

I have a Dell XPS 15 with Intel and Nvidia graphics cards.

  • Windows 10 64 bit system
  • DirectX as checked by dxdiag’ is DirectX 12.

The application is developed using Qt, using OpenGL 4.6.0 NVidia 441.66.

So I am not sure how D3D9 device is created. I doubt it’s a Qt issue.

Any ideas? Thanks!