Debugging OpenGL program, only crashes on win10 fall creators update

Specs and versions:
Nvidia Driver: 388.31
Updated Nsight

When launching the graphic debugging to debug an external program (openGL) which crashes. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the application (it seems to be program specific) but I would like some clarification to what’s exactly wrong or to hear if someone else is experiencing this. Also, if my stack trace guess is to be believed, KiUserExceptionDispatcher could be the problem here. It’s a known compatibility issue with this program and the Windows 10 fall creators update. Inform me when I missed some information, thanks!

Logs (monitor and host):
Monitor log:
VSIP/Host log:

Thanks for looking into this, hopefully there’s a solution.


I’m sorry for the problem you met, can you please provide more information?

  • OS, Visual Studio, Nsight version
  • Did the issue happen when started graphics debugging or performance analysis?
  • Did the issue only happen with the specific sample? If it is, can we have your sample please?
  • The steps to reproduced the issue.


I’m also experiencing crashes on Win10 fall creators update. Both VS2015 and VS2017 are affected.

This happens on a Dell Precision M4800 with Quadro K2100M (dGPU only, it’s a QHD+ config)

I’ve managed to extract some relevant information:
The crash occurs inside Nvda.Graphics.Interception.dll when any of the intercepted functions GetExtensionsStringARB or GetExtensionsStringEXT are called by pointers (other functions might be affected as well).

Stack trace:

Any sample program from the GLFW project (‘boing’ in this case) crashes in the same way


Hi sergey1980,

I’m sorry for the problem you met, can you provide more information please?

  • Was the OS Win10 x64 RS4?
  • Can we have your sample please? or tell us how to get the samples.
  • the steps to reproduce the issue.


Thanks for responding everyone. I can’t really provide a sample as it’s an external program and I don’t have the source code for it. The sample that sergey1980 is referring can be found here: I’m glad that there’s another program/sample is affected. I can confirm that I can graphically debug it on Windows 10 non fall creator’s update. I used the newest cmake and Visual Studio Version 15.4.3 aka 2017. My windows 10 non fall creator’s update OS is Windows 10 OS Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063. I’m using the latest Nsight (5.4) on this system. I can’t currently test it on my other machines due to reasons. Geforce drivers are also updated to V. 388.31.

Use cmake to get project files, opened boing.vcxproj, build the project, ran the exe with Nsight externally debugging the project, so only used the compiled exe. I’ve provided an exe in the attachments so you can skip the building part.

Tell me if I need to provide more information, I’d gladly provide it.
boing.7z (62.3 KB)

Hi Crementif,

I tested the sample - the attached sample with an internal nsight build, the configuration as below:

  • Visual Studio 2017
  • bothe win10 15063 RS2 and win10 16299 RS3
  • driver 388.30

the sample ran smoothly with nsight, no crash.
BTW, after the sample was launched with nsight, it showed error message if pressed ctrl+z+space to capture the frame, for some APIs are unsupported. please click the menu nsight->pause and capture frame, click “OK” button on the popped window, then the frame was captured.

But if you still met the problem, please wait for the release build and check it again.



Thanks for the answer,

In my case it was Windows 10 1709 RS3 with the latest updates, NSight and Quadro drivers 385.12 and 385.90.
Rolling Windows back to RS2 has fixed the problem.


I’m glad that the problem is fixed after rolling back to WIN10 RS2.
Please wait for the release build which might support WIN10 RS3.


I can confirm that the changes suggested above (Rolling back to Win10 RS2) fixed the issue for me.
One caveat is that I had to reinstall nsight for it to have it working.

Im having this exact problem. After fall creators update cant start graphics debugging.
I use the nsight menu “start graphics debugging” it connects to localhost, shows a console window associated with my opengl windows program and then throws up an nsight crash dialog to file a report.

NSight 5.4 (
Driver 388.31
Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
Windows Version 1709 (Build 16299.125)

Hi NumberXaero,

I’m sorry for the problem you met.
Did the issue also happen on WIN10 RS2 platform?


I cant roll back to confirm, but before the fall creators update would be around the last time I remember using it without a crash.

Hi NumberXaero,

Please wait for the release build which might support WIN10 RS3 platform and then check it again.
Nsight 5.4 doesn’t support WIN10 RS3 platform.


“Nsight 5.4 doesn’t support WIN10 RS2 platform.”

You mean RS3?

Hi NumberXaero,

Nsight 5.4 doesn’t support WIN10 RS3 platform.
sorry for my mistake.


Latest Nsight version fixed graphic debugging of my application! Thanks a lot for the help.

I have the same problem here. A fix would be great.

I’m using NSight 5.5 on Windows 10 Pro, 10.0.16299, with Visual Studio 15.4.2.